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INTEGRALARTS Yoga für Schwanger und Rückbildungsyoga in Augsburg

PRE- &

Holistic methods of preparing for and re-toning after birth


During pregnancy, a woman naturally looks inwards. She has access to an intimate part of herself which reaches beyond her own person towards the child inside and further to touch the secret and wonder of creation itself. This is a particularly special and blessed time which can be celebrated, supported and helped along by a very special variety of yoga. Pregnancy Yoga is custom-designed for mothers-to-be. They learn how to be caring and loving with themselves and their Dznestdz, creating a world full of love, calm and safety for the baby to enter into. ​

  • Control and strengthen the  Muscles that are needed for birth

  • Practicing yoga exercises that allow letting go and opening in the pelvic area

  • Reduction of unpleasant side effects such as nausea, heartburn, back pain and fatigue

  • Less stressful experience of the time before the birth

  • Symptoms of pregnancy are alleviated. 

You will find all further Infos for sign up under SCHEDULE 

In addition to the weekly class, you can book Anina von Molnar for personal trainings 


Postnatal yoga nurtures the calm that is necessary in body, mind and spirit after the birth of your child.  By way of special yoga exercises, the muscles are 
rebuilt and the whole body is strengthened.  This a gentle, organic process.  And, your baby, if you want to bring him or her along, will return with you to the outside world equipped with a new physical and mental stamina. Your child also has the opportunity to meet its first playmates and you, as mother, to share your experiences with other mothers in a supportive atmosphere. Postnatal yoga is suitable from the sixth to eighth week after the birth.


  • Re-toning of the muscles after the birth

  • A more stress-free post-pregnancy experience

You will find all further infos for sign up under SCHEDULE.

In addition to the weekly class, you can book Anina for personal trainings.

"... i started off with Anina's pregnancy yoga class five years ago and never stopped since. She is one of a kind and practicing yoga with her is a gift.“ - Daniela

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