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INTEGRALARTS Yoga, Meditation, Gyrotonic, Tanz in Augsburg Privat & Einzelstunden
Transformative Body/Mind Work
Transformative Körper/Geist Arbeit


In highly individualised private classes, each client´s goals and circumstances are taken into account and built into a personal program. It is possible to book a training in one specific method or in transformative body/mind work where we explore a synthesis integration of several methods. Sessions are for you individually, in pairs, or for pre-arranged small groups.



A private class where we focus on one specific method:  
YogaGyrotonic, Meditation or Dance & Movement

Introductory lesson: 92€ *

10x within 12 weeks (not including INTEGRALARTS holidays): 890€ *

50 minutes per Session.

Registration Form: Gyrotonic

Registration Form for one of the following Methods: Yoga/Meditation/Dance & Movement


The course fee is due with your Registration. To confirm your registration please fill out the Registration form and send back via post or mail and please transfer the complete Fee to the INTEGRALARTS Bank Account.  


A private class where we explore a synthesis integration of several methods : YogaGyrotonic, Meditation and 
Dance & Movement

Anina also offers Transformative Body/Mind work in sessions that involve combined movement and mindfulness methods in an exploratory realm of creativity, expression, development and inner growth. Above all, in these sessions the deep wisdom of the body guides us to cultivate body sense, embodied awareness, in a more subtle way.

Prices & Registration Forms for sessions with combined body/mind methods within the framework of Transformative Bodywork will be agreed with you individually. Please contact Anina



A class for a prearranged select group 

You are welcome to book your private small group lessons designed around a specific training method in which we immerse ourselves, or we can create a rich program for your group, incorporating varied and extensive body and mind work. 

Prices & Registration forms for private small groups are agreed upon directly with Anina

An appointment cancelled less than 48 hours (2 working days: between Monday 7 am through Friday until 12:pm) before the class is due to begin will be charged at the agreed rate.

*All courses are available online. The above prices refer to online courses. It is possible to book in-person-trainings for  private, semi-private, and for pre-arranged small groups. An additional fee is charged for in-person- classes. 

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