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Integralarts Hatha Vinyasa Yoga




By developing one ́s body-awareness, the path to body/mind equilibrium opens, thus encouraging the rediscovery of deep, inner relaxation: the yearning for a holistic sense of calm is stilled ...


With this special style, Vinyasa Yoga, Anina guides her course participants to combine their physical potential with their source of inner balance and spiritual calm, creating a conscious interaction between body, mind and spirit.



Anina's yoga classes are informed by her direct contact with teachers of various yogic traditions. She devotes herself to deep yoga experience in her own daily practice and shares this with the students who come to her from all walks of life.


The focus during the sessions is on the precise alignment of each individual yoga posture (asana), the vinyasa of the breath (the flow of the breath when entering a posture, during and coming out of the posture), the grace and coordination of sequencing the postures, and on individual corrections for each student through example, instruction and hands on adjustments. For Anina asanas are perfection in form - the body and the metaphysical self join together in an expression of pure aesthetics.


Especially suited for anyone seeking of an hour of deep calm and regeneration. The secret is combining the slow, mindfully executed yoga postures with the flowing, rhythmic breath.


You can book Anina von Molnar for a private class or sessions for small groups & workshops and individual projects


"When you enter Anina's yoga space, you immediately recognise that you are in good hands. She has an excellent sense of the individuals in the class and is highly adaptive to each person's needs.“ - Lucy

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